Different types of salads

Interested in a career in commercial cookery?When studying a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, you will learn how to take the humble salad to haute cuisine.

Green or tossed salad

A green or tossed salad can be made with one type of lettuce. But for variety and colour, a mix of fancy and hybrid lettuces grown by hydroponics is often used. In some cases, there are green and red varieties with the same shape leaves.

Single vegetable salads

An attractive simple salad can be made with one or more garden vegetables, often with an herb and/or another ingredient. One example is the Italian classic, sliced tomato with bocconcini and basil.

Salad vegetables such as tomatoes and avocadoes can be served this way. To be successful, the vegetables need to be at peak ripeness for full flavour and colour.

Vinaigrette dressing

Vinaigrette dressings contain vinegar and oil, and may be enlivened with herbs, garlic or shallots, and condiments like mustard, sun dried tomato or even fruit. Usually there is 1/3 vinegar to 2/3 oil.

The quality of the dressing depends on the use of fine ingredients mixed in the correct proportion. Extra Virgin olive oil and a good wine or balsamic vinegar are superb together, but expensive. Sample a few oils and vinegars and pick what combination you prefer to make your vinaigrettes.

Knife skills

Slicing soft vegetables and fruits needs a very sharp knife.

Slicing ripe tomatoes evenly is a good test of your knife sharpening skill.

Take salads to a whole new level when undertaking your Certificate III in Commercial Cookery.