Development of risk register

Certificate IV in Occupational Health and SafetyDoes your company or venue have a hazard registration that staff can have easy access to? If not, you should contact our Risk Specialists here at DWS Hospitality Specialists, who can assist you in developing a risk register for your venue.

A hazard registration is an approach in which businesses should use to identify hazards. By having an active risk register, it ensures that all risks within the workplace are identified and dealt with accordingly, minimising the risk of injury within the workplace. A risk register should detail:

  • A list of hazards, the location of the risk, and the people that are exposed to the risk

  • A range of possible scenarios or circumstances in which the hazard could cause injury or damage

  • Nature of injury or damage that may be caused

  • The results of the risk assessment

  • List of control measures

  • The dates of implementation of specific steps and/or processes that have been put in place to minimise risk

It should also be formatted to contain the below:

  • Record number for the hazard

  • Date the risk was identified

  • Date the risk was assessed

  • Location of the hazard

  • The people that are exposed to the risk

  • The person responsible for the resolution in regard to the risk

  • In-depth description of the risk

  • Current controls in place

  • Outcome of the risk assessment once it has been completed

  • The action that has been taken to minimise the risk

  • Further controls required to ensure that the risk is contained

  • A reassessment date if required

This register is imperative to ensure that all staff are safe, and damage and/or injury are minimised. As without a risk register, risks within the workplace may be verbally stated but are forgotten. By staff being able to write down and follow up on the risk, it is ensured that the risk will be assessed and controlled. If you would like a risk assessment of your venue to ensure that your staff are safe and that any risk of damage are minimised, please contact us here at Club Training Australia – and one of our expert risk specialists can assist you.