Development and review of Job Safety Analysis

Certificate IV in Occupational Health and SafetyJob safety analysis (JSA) simply means looking at all work tasks and considering if they are completed in the safest way possible and, if not, how the task can be changed to ensure safety. Regular development and review of new and longstanding tasks to ensure safety is vital, and could minimise risk of employees being injured on the job.

JSA involves looking at tasks and procedures in a logical manner, identifying the hazards and assessing the controlled risks. When a review of the tasks and procedures takes place, the supervisor should ensure that all staff members who have undertaken the task on a regular basis are present. This is as these are the staff that can identify any risks; this is as they have firsthand knowledge.

Once the JSA of each task has been completed, the supervisor should consult all employees to run over the changes to the task, to make it safer. This ensures that all staff is aware of the changes and able to abide by the changes.

In addition, once the JSA has been completed and implemented, management should ensure that the change is monitored. This ensures the adequacy and application of the agreed safe system of work. It should also be reviewed in the future.