Dangers of Online Gambling

Responsible Service of GamblingGambling is now as easy as a touch of a button. With online gambling now at the tips of our fingers whether on a computer, television, tablet, or even on a phone, it has meant that the dangers of gambling are ever increasing due to the ease and mobility. RSG online courses illustrate how important it is to create a physical environment for gambling, as it promotes responsible gambling and provides the appropriate information to patrons.

The dangers of online gambling are ever increasing due to the effect of technology and mobility of online gambling over the past couple of years. The dangers of online gambling are as follows:

Speed of play, is one of the most concerning issues with online gambling. This is as online you can play more games in a short period of time, which means that you can lose more money in a short time period and lose track of time easily.

24/7 access, online gambling casinos or stores never close which means that patrons are able to gamble at any time of the day or night, and does not provide a safeguard or time where the patron has to go home.  The internet has provided online gambling to our door.  

Products online are more addictive, as the products are accessible 24/7 and are able to be mobile which means that patrons are at a greater risk of a gambling problem.

Underage online gamblers, operators of online gambling sites state that they prioritise the prevention of online gambling through “sophisticated age verification techniques.” However the fact is that these systems are easily overridden, allowing underage gamblers to play online as there are no real security system in place similar to physical gambling establishments.

Lack of safeguards, the online gambling environment is difficult to protect as it is hard for police to enforce legal obligations of the site operators.  However, there are no real national boundaries for operators.

Ease of hiding a gambling problem, the ease to access and hide your movements online makes it easy for online gamblers to hide their problem and to also lie to their loved ones about the numbers of hours spent online.

Being lured by “free” gambling sites, operators lure in their patrons by advertising “free” online trials or games. These sites use this as a ploy to eventually get the patron to bet with their own money eventually.

Tokens are used to hide the fact that real money is being gambled, online operators have found ways to make the online gambler feel as though they are not betting with their own money by using tokens or other non-valued equivalent.

Online gambling is an issue that – with technology – will continue to expand and grow, affecting not only legal aged patrons but also underage individuals due to ease and accessibility. However, it is hard to patrol and to maintain a level of responsible gambling of patrons online.  Fortunately, there is help available to overcome the dangers of online gambling and to be responsible when gambling.