Customer service Vegas style

Customer Service in VegasMy first day in Vegas taught me a great lesson in customer service and the faith we place in our staff. I’m here at G2E (Global Gaming Expo 2012) with other casino-entertainment professionals to see and learn what’s new and what’s next.

So who attends G2E? All gaming industry employees—executives, corporate management, tribal leaders and buyers from all functional departments within a casino or gaming establishment; plus, other professionals working within or trying to work within the gaming industry.

Vegas like many areas is fast changing, those who have been before will understand the competitive nature the landscape offers, we were lucky enough to spend some time with the Morongo Casino in Cabazon California which is about 2 hours from Los Angeles. With a population of just 1,500 we were amazed to see the place buzzing with patrons on a Sunday night. Morongo has over 2,000 slots (gaming machines) and three quarters of those were in play last night.

 When talking to staff we discovered the casino relies on patrons from the LA area whom all travel a great distance to the venue: the customer service was exceptional. We were greeted with a smile and as our rooms weren’t ready the receptionist apologised and gave us our meals complimentary. (without question or having to seek advice).  When we asked how she could do this her reply “management trust” and without hesitation she then signed us up as a member while explaining the many benefits.

I guess we all have to ask ourselves sometimes do we have trust in our staff and if not why not? Maybe when this question is answered correctly you know you have the right tool selling your business.