Customer is King

Certificate II in Hospitality – dealing with conflict at work or at schoolYou want customers leaving your venue saying – “What great customer service!” your venue provided. Great customer service is the key to maintaining regular customers and ensuring that a customer comes back, time and time again. After all, your customer is the most important element of your venue, and keeping them happy is the overall goal.

Quality customer service is all about providing the ultimate experience for the customer, from as soon as they enter the venue until the moment they leave. With customers being bombarded with options on where to go out and enjoy a meal, it is up to you to ensure you make the customer not regret their decision on coming to your venue. So the first step in ensuring flawless customer service, you must first ask:

  1. Who is my potential customer base?
  2. What is my product?

You then have to ensure that what you are providing matches what your customer base wants and needs, at any given point in time. As if you are not providing what your target market wants, they won’t return to your venue.

In addition, it is all about providing your customer with an experience. So knowing your product is important so that you are able to answer any questions that the customer may ask – knowledge is key to customers, and knowing your product is important to them.

If you are interested in learning more about customer service and hospitality, a hospitality school-based traineeship is something you should consider. Hospitality could be your ticket to travelling the world, so move ahead and contact us today.