Current compliance requirements

Relevant venue legislationUnderstanding the basics of business is highly recommended for hospitality professionals looking to increase their management skills.  Finding out what legislation applies to your organisation is just one part of effectively managing a venue.

Under AS 3806:2006, it is not adequate to merely have a compliance process or system in place. Efficiency of the compliance program must be closely watched, assessed and documented (Principle 10 – AS 3806). Additionally, an organisation must illustrate its compliance by means of both records and practice (Principle 11 – AS 3806). ‘Practice’ must be reinforced together with appropriate documentation generated via the use of suitable methods that support the procedures utilized to observe and assess an organisation’s operational effectiveness and meet compliance specifications.

Identify legislative requirements

The work of the majority of public servants is involved with the management of legislation. Some will be regularly engaged in making legally binding judgements, other individuals may not, however all of us will be all included in the process. Clients may possibly be members of Parliament, various other government employees or members of the community.  Legislation delivers the legal structure within which contemporary society functions and the government of the day must operate. It is up to all of us to ensure we know what laws relate to our work, and to ensure that we carry our obligations in compliance with those laws and regulations.

How to access relevant legislation

When it comes to order to accessing the selection of legislation applicable to your occupation, you will need to go to:

  • Your supervisor
  • Instruction publications, minutes of meetings, correspondence, reports, etc. distributed by your organisation
  • The units within your work environment that have been implemented to provide professional advice on legislation, policy and regulations
  • The collections and useful resource facilities within your organization and general public libraries
  • Online information: from the intranet or internet
  • Induction resources given to employees when they commence work
  • Educational information that may include fliers and posters.

To help you find the relevant legislation for your business, here is a list of websites to help you access the various Acts and Regulations made under Federal and State Government law:

State legislation




SA –

WA –


NT –


Federal legislation

Parliament house

Parliamentary education offices





WA: –