CTA Top Tips for Your First Hospitality Job

Hospitality first job

So you’ve aced your interview, breezed through your trial and have your first shift on the way. Congratulations, and welcome to the hospitality industry! Whether you’ll be pouring your first beer behind the bar, manning the coffee machine or working the restaurant floor, here are Club Training’s top tips to get your first hospitality job.


Yes, you’ll really need to get your RSA certificate for a hospitality job– and maybe a few others.

Even if you won’t be serving drinks yourself, if you are working in a licensed venue (i.e. any establishment that serves alcohol) you must hold a current Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate (also known as RSA) for a hospitality job. Your employer is required by law to keep a copy of your certificate on file, and may request you bring this to your interview before even offering you a hospitality job. As a bartender or waitress, it is paramount you understand how to prevent intoxication and serve alcohol responsibly to your customers. Don’t have yours yet? No need to worry – you can get your QLD RSA today for just $20.00 and have your certificate produced same-day, 100% online. Easy!


Once you’ve got your RSA, you might need to get your RSG too.

If you’re at a venue with gambling services – whether it’s a fully-fledged casino or a bar with KENO and pokie machines, you will need a certificate for Responsible Service of Gambling (RSG) to work on the gaming floor.  Just like the QLD RSA, Club Training’s QLD RSG is 100% online – why not bundle and save with Club Training Australia’s $28 RSA and RSG bundle? It’s always great to have that extra training under your belt, and the more areas of a venue you are qualified to work, the more likely you will get a call back from the next hiring manager reading your resumé.

Once you’ve covered your certificates, it’s time to think about what else you might bring with you to your first day.  If it’s your first hospitality job, don’t worry if you can’t yet tell a pinot gris from a sauvignon blanc – your employer will recognise this and provide you with the training you need on the job.


There are some things though that can’t be taught – our hospitality trainers always recommend the following tips to their trainees:

  • Come with a great attitude. It’s an old cliché, but for good reason. Knowledge can always be learnt, but it is the attitude and confidence that you bring to your role that shows your potential to succeed to your manager and is an indicator of how well you will interact with customers.
  • Be prepared to know your menu. A mark of a great initiative is to ask for a copy to take home to familiarise yourself with. Pay careful attention to options for dietary requirements – a well-rounded menu will cater to allergies and diverse dietary requirements so you can help any customer can find an option to suit them.
  • Be aware of your personal presentation. You aren’t only representing yourself, but the company you work for when in uniform. Taking care to be clean, neat and professional in appearance shows you care about your hospitality job and your first impression on guests.


Interested in learning more about customer service and hospitality? Club Training Australia offers a suite of training courses, such as a Certificate II in Hospitality to get the tools you need to launch your hospitality career. Contact our friendly team today to discuss how Club Training can give you your best start.