CTA, Creating a point of difference

Diploma of Management TrainingThe Group Management Diplomas that we are currently running have been great for the whole team and have given us all the opportunity to learn more about each other, whilst gaining valuable training and experience. It has strengthened the team and created additional motivation and boosted personal confidence and performance – Justin Hall General Manager Ipswich Jets.

In my training sessions I’m often talking to the participants about offering their customers a real point of difference. This got me thinking, where can I offer my customers, the Clubs, Casinos and Hotels that continue to work with us year in and year out, something different?  How can I continue to offer value, assistance and new concepts to our valued clients?

During conversations with Suzanne Long the General Manager at Nambour RSL and Justin Hall, GM at Ipswich Jets, an idea we were discussing developed into a program that at CTA we feel offers great added value to the venue involved.

So far, four clubs have embarked on this new training program with the Diploma of Management at it’s core. In itself this is a qualification that can be used across all businesses and lends itself very well to hospitality.

So, where is the point of difference?

The participants undertaking the qualification are Senior Management including the General Manager, Accountants, Duty Managers and Supervisors. Once a month these key people sit down in a room together and discuss the training, and more importantly, its impact on their business. This precious time allows the team to learn about each other, how to communicate with each other more effectively, swap ideas, brainstorm and generally discuss their business on a level that very rarely presents itself.

The Myers Briggs personality profiling course has been incorporated into this program and the benefits experienced by the team are reinforced in the time the group spends together.

Greg (Jacko) Lyons, Marketing and Promotions Manager at Ipswich Jets commented on the course:

I’m finding the days spent as a unit very rewarding. Normally we are all off in our own different directions doing stuff.  So to be sitting down in a classroom environment and discussing the club as a team with the same goals –  “to see the Jets advance in every aspect” is far beyond my expectations .

The last training day was especially significant as we learnt a lot about the people around us that even after spending up to 11 years with some of my workmates, that I’m still learning something new about them. I’m privileged to be part of such a dynamic team and to be taught by the best in the business just caps off the great training experience.

Two clubs involved in the program have taken it a step further with Ipswich Jets and Nambour RSL participants training at other venues, and undertaking experiential tours.  The Ipswich Jets team trained on the Gold Coast before the team undertook a whirlwind tour of venues on both sides of the border.

While Suzanne Long the General Manager at Nambour RSL took her key team to Melbourne where we trained and enjoyed fascinating behind the scenes tours at Crown Casino and other market leading venues.

The club has always invested heavily in staff training however there was never enough time to get the entire management team together for group development sessions.  In early 2012 I discussed with Jonathan my dilemma of a fast growing team, joining an existing team of long term staff with plenty of Nambour RSL Club knowledge and passion. I felt to take the team to the next level we needed to bond and make the newer team members feel part of the Nambour RSL unique culture.  Hence the group Diploma Program, these sessions have been invaluable to growing the team and working out what makes each team member tick and also the areas to develop.  We have had a chance to discuss things as a team that we would never get the opportunity to do whilst working on a daily basis.   More importantly the team has had the opportunity to visit some of the best clubs in Queensland, talk with most of the key players in their clubs which can only help to enhance their career, confidence and the success of the Nambour RSL Club.

The delivery of the program is professional and Jonathan is constantly providing valuable feedback. This feedback enables our team to constantly learn and boost delivery of services in club development.  Suzanne Long, General Manager Nambour RSL Club.

So, as a senior manager in the industry, you might ask yourself the questions:

Would this type of program benefit my team?

Would I be able to spend this type of quality time with my team in an ordinary working environment?

Can I afford not to improve my relationship with my senior team?

If you are looking for a program that can add real outcomes and value for your senior team and your business, I would love the opportunity to discuss it further with you.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a rewarding 2013.

Kind regards

Jonathan Waller

General Manager, Club Training Australia