Crowd Controllers at venues and events

RMLV TrainingHave you thoroughly examined your venue’s security arrangements for an event?  This is a vital step in responsible management, to ensure that any security or safety concerns will be addressed on the day as smoothly as possible.

Start by examining the event in terms of ‘what could happen?’ and ‘what if?’ – remembering that different events will have requirements that vary, depending on the type of the event, the site, number of patrons and crowd expectations.

If you plan on taking the role of an event manager, then you should consider the security in relation to cash security, asset protection, crowd management and public safety.  Taking a professional yet friendly and proactive approach to security will help prevent confrontations, and ensure that everyone has a good time.

Here are some other tips to consider:

  • Ensure that security personnel have suitable communication equipment and processes to keep in contact with the relevant authorities and the event manager

  • Have a central command post at large events that coordinate security, police and emergency services

To avoid any potentially difficult confrontations with patrons, you should ensure they are aware of any prohibited items, so that they are not brought into your event.

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