Crowd controller register

Does your venue have a crowd controller register?Crowd controllers are employed to maintain order in and around licensed premises. Licensees must maintain a crowd controller register as part of their duties.

The register records all the crowd controllers on duty and any incidents that occur. Each crowd controller must sign in and out of their shift.

Registers must be kept on the premises by liquor licensees for a period of seven (7) years after the date of the last entry. Alternatively the security firm will keep the register for the same period.

A crowd controller register must contain:

  • full name, residential address and licence number of each crowd controller
  • if applicable, the name and address of the security firm
  • identification details ┬ásuch as a venue-issued ID number for each crowd controller
  • shift date, start and finish time for each crowd controller
  • the name of any unrestricted crowd controller licensees directly supervising restricted crowd controller licensees
  • details of incidents if a person is injured
  • details of every incident if crowd controllers remove a person from a public place.

You can find out more about crowd controller registers by visiting the website of the Office of Fair Trading in Queensland.

These duties and responsibilities of licensees regarding crowd controllers are detailed in the Responsible Management of Licensed Venues (RMLV) training course conducted by Club Training Australia all over metropolitan and regional Queensland.