Credit betting

Credit betting is illegal.Gambling providers and RSG staff must not provide credit or lend money to anyone for the purpose of gambling.

Severe penalties apply to this practice, ranging from fines for RSG staff to the cancellation of the gambling provider’s licence.

Credit betting is illegal.

Requesting for a loan or an extension of credit can often be an indication that the person has a problem with excessive playing of gaming machines or gambling in general. Refusal of request for loan or extension of credit may lead to the patron becoming angry, abusive or belligerent, and may need to be handled with tact and discretion.

Credit can be inadvertently provided with the patron requesting cash and misrepresenting the transaction as purchases of “food” or “alcohol” in a credit card transaction. Problems can also arise if gift vouchers for goods or services are presented, and the customer requesting gaming cash instead of goods or services.
Sometimes RSG staff may be tempted to loan money to regular patrons, but need to remember that this is illegal according to the Gaming Machine Act 1991.