Creating the Right Atmosphere in your venue

Reduce-alcohol-related-harmCreating a positive atmosphere or ambiance within your venue affects patrons as soon as they step foot inside, and can influence their drinking levels and overall behaviour.

Drinking behaviour depends on the following three factors:

        The Drink:  the volume and strength of the alcohol

        The Drinker:  the individuals characteristics, state of mind and personal circumstances

        The Environment:  atmosphere and house rules of the venue

When you remove or change any of these factors, you can significantly alter the drinking patterns of your patrons.  For example, an individual’s behaviour at relaxed dining environment will be very different to someone at a busy nightclub or sports event.  The amount of alcohol drunk in each circumstance may be exactly the same, but the behaviour will alter depending on the external environment.

Venue staff and management have the ability to control and influence at least two of the factors we mentioned above.  This includes the amount of alcohol served and the venue’s environment.  Elements such as layout, the type of furniture, lighting and music chosen can all affect the drinking environment.

The manager and staff are in a position to control or influence at least two of the three factors above: the amount and type of drink served and, in particular, the environment. The layout of the premises, whether there are more people sitting or standing, the lighting and the music are all things that create the drinking environment.

There is evidence to suggest that venues that encourage people to stand and drink promote more rapid drinking compared to patrons who are seated.  These are all factors to note in your venue when attempting to create an atmosphere that will influence patrons to drink in a more relaxed, social setting.

RMLV training can provide you further knowledge of venue management and how to create a social, positive drinking environment for your patrons.