Cooking with a pressure cooker

Interested in a career in commercial cookery?Pressure cooking is the process of cooking food using water or other cooking fluids in a sealed pressure cooker, whereby creating steam within the cooker. The higher the pressure within the cooker, the higher the temperature. The higher the temperature within decreases the cooking time. There are ideal foods to cook within a pressure cooker, which you can learn within a Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery).

Pressure cookers heat food quickly because of the internal steam within the pressure cooker from the boiling liquid within, they also allow for foods to be cooked at a higher temperature than with conventional cooking. Foods that are suitable for high pressure steaming:

  • Meats – any tough cuts of mean

  • Offal – tongue or oxtail

  • Poultry – broilers

  • Vegetables – frozen

There are also tips when using a pressure cooker which should be taken into consideration:

  • Puddings need to be placed in foil or a protective casing, to ensure that it does not go soggy from the steam.

  • When using a high pressure cooker, you should wait until the cooker is at a safe temperature before opening. You should also stand on the hinge side of the cover or lid.

  • To reduce the pressure in a stove top pressure cooker, remove it first from the heat source, and then remove the safety valve. The appliance can also be placed under cold water, with the safety valve removed. When there is no more steam coming from the valve opening, then you can open it.

  • Always wipe the steam cabinet after use.

  • Check safety valves before use.

  • The steamer must be checked by a professional and be regularly maintained.

A pressure cooker is a highly dangerous cooking item if not properly used. This is as the cooker is at high temperatures, and if opened incorrectly or at the wrong time, the steam from the cooker could injure an employee or yourself. To ensure that all staff are aware of the dangers of a pressure cooker and how to safely and properly operate one, a training session should be held. If you would like to learn more about pressure cookers and what food is ideal to be cooked within, please contact us at Club Training Australia and talk to one of our experienced chefs, (07) 3878 8977.