Controlling entry into a venue or event

RMLV TrainingDo you remember hearing about the disastrous 2010 Love Parade?  The electronic dance music festival held in Duisburg, Germany, was one of the most ill-planned events in the past decade, with poor crowd control, lack of water and inappropriate entry and exit points leading to the death of 21 people. 

Crowd control is an extremely important aspect of event management and should be factored into all venue functions.

Here are some tips for venue managers:

  • A minimum of two crowd controllers at the door (i.e. main entry point to a venue or event) if there is a reasonable likelihood of violence by patrons.

  • Male and female crowd controllers at the door.

  • At least one of the crowd controllers at the door is experienced in managing door control and dealing with the types of patron expected at the event or venue.

  • All crowd controllers can speak English to ensure effective communication.

  • The supervising crowd controller should have experience in managing large groups of patrons wanting to enter an event or venue.

  • The types of patron incidents at the door that require attendance by a supervising crowd controller have been decided and communicated to all relevant people in advance, and a supervising crowd controller is available to attend those types of incidents.

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