Conflict in the workplace

Do you face or avoid conflict?By now you should be aware that working in the hospitality industry is a challenging job. The conflicts that present themselves on a daily basis in a hospitality environment can leave us feeling exhausted and frustrated or challenged and relieved.

You are responsible for maintaining good working relationships with your colleagues as well as meeting customer needs.  The skills we develop to manage conflict will determine which outcome occurs.

Every time we come to work we are faced with conflict. The ability to appropriately handle conflict is one of the most important skills you can offer. Consequences for mishandling conflict are obvious: customers do not return and their complaints will harm your business; staff turnover is costly, in terms of hiring and retraining. Most importantly it improves your own state of mind and well-being.

Handling conflict successfully is, for many of us, a difficult challenge. Indeed, many people avoid conflict altogether, preferring to ignore the situation or just give in to the other side. We have a responsibility to manage conflict in our work environment. Our challenge is to turn conflict into positive opportunities to improve. This includes the organisation, our colleagues and ourselves.

There are many different causes of conflict and disagreement.  These can range from the standard of food that a guest may consider reasonable, to a communication breakdown with a work colleague.  However, by learning some basic conflict identification and resolution techniques, you can help understand and cater for your customers’ and colleagues’ expectations.

A Certificate IV in Hospitality will provide you with the skills and knowledge to face conflict in both your personal and professional life.