Conduct of crowd controllers

Responsible venues ensure the crowd controllers are aware of their dutiesAs an employer, a licensee must implement and review measures that will prevent risks to staff in the workplace.

Crowd controllers are hired to perform a specific role that requires constant presence and frequent interaction with patrons. They must have the capacity to act professionally and competently at all times. Venues should ensure the crowd controllers are aware of their duties and the standards expected of them.

According to the Liquor Act 1992 and Liquor Regulation 2002, a crowd controller must hold current certificate in RSA if duties include collecting glasses.

According to the Security Providers Act 1993 and Security Providers Regulation 2008:

  • A crowd controller must have a licence and applicants must meet ‘appropriate person’ tests and have completed an approved security training course
  • Licensed crowd controllers must comply with the crowd controller code of practice
  • A licensed premise that engages crowd controllers must maintain a crowd controller register to record crowd controllers on duty and any incidents that occur; crowd controllers must sign in and out of each shift
  • Crowd controllers must identify themselves while working by wearing the prescribed identification on their clothing at chest level

For best practice and responsible management of licensed venues, apply the crowd controller code of practice as a minimum standard of conduct, competence and ethical behaviour for venue crowd controllers.