Conditions of liquor licenses and RMLV

Responsible Management of Licensed VenuesLiquor licences are issued with standard and specific conditions. These conditions are stated on the licence document.

Standard conditions will be the same for most venues of the same licence type. Specific conditions relate to issues about that particular venue. In some cases, the specific conditions may result from agreements made between an objector and a licensee before the grant of an application. For example, that trading will cease at 11 pm and not midnight, or that there will be no amplified entertainment on the premises after 10 pm.

Examples of standard conditions

Standard noise condition – no acoustic assessment has been submitted for the venue:

  • Noise emanating from entertainment, music or related activities inside the premises must not exceed 75dB(C), fast response, when measured approximately three metres from the source of the noise.

Examples of specific conditions

  • Prior to 10 am, liquor may only be consumed in association with a patron consuming a meal or attending a bona fide function at the premises

  • Amplified music in the area known as The Shed, is allowed on Sundays between 2 pm and 6 pm

Breaches of licence conditions

It is an offence under the Liquor Act 1992 if a licence condition is not complied with. An on-the-spot fine of $500 may be issued or prosecution action taken through the Magistrates Court which may incur a fine of up to $4000 (s226).

It is the responsibility of the licensee and approved manager to know and understand the conditions of their licence and communicate them with staff, to ensure that everyone understands how the business may operate.