Complying with legislation

Risk managementLast month, we talked about the importance of business compliance within your venue and how it can help direct the future of your venue.  This week, we’ll take a look at how you can understand relevant legislation and how business training can help you improve your operations.

When you have determined which legislation is most relevant to your venue and situation, you must ensure that your operations comply with the legislation:

  • Understand and gain knowledge of the legislation

  • Use guidelines and handbooks that contain relevant interpretations of legislative requirements

  • Developing workplace procedures to support the legislation

  • Keep accurate records, and seek advice from professionals and colleagues when new situations arise

  • Ensure staff conduct is compliant with legislation

Utilising a review process will help promote the continuous comparison of your organisation performance against predetermined criteria.  Comparisons are made between planned figures or targets and actual results and outcomes.

It is important that your work practices are compliant. If you are non-compliant, the consequences and disciplinary action is serious, with severe breaches in compliance resulting in dismissal.  Keep in mind that personal behaviour is quite subjective and is often difficult to objectively judge, whether it is appropriate and in compliance with legislation.

Here are some effective methods you can implement to help you meet legislative requirements:

  • Feedback from others including your peers, colleagues and supervisor;

  • Case file review;

  • Quarterly self-assessment against a set of criteria; and

  • Performance management review sessions.

To find out more about compliance and business requirements, Club Training Australia offers a variety of business qualifications to ensure that your venue is compliant.