Communication and Responsible Service of Alcohol

Responsible Service of AlcoholIt is very important for RSA staff to communicate with patrons respectfully and avoid being judgemental.

Effectively communicating with patrons would include:

  • Gaining as much information about the patrons and engaging with them when they come through the door to work out what stage of alcohol consumption they’re at

  • Avoid blaming the customer and taking it personally

  • Avoid being abrupt and saying “I’m sorry, I’m not serving you, you’re too drunk”

  • Never use intimidating or attacking language

  • Never start a sentence with “You” as it places the problem on the customer

Good communication can diffuse potentially troublesome situations and avoid conflict.  You can effectively diffuse the situation by:

  • Having a 10 second conversation “how’s your night, you here with friends, what’s been happening?” and that should give you enough to make that judgement about whether or not they should have another drink

  • Remaining calm when you are refusing someone service so as not to cause any upsetting, violent behaviour that will affect other staff members and more importantly our customers

Starting a statement with “I”, “I can’t give you another drink, I’ll be in trouble with my manager” and always deflect.