Common mistakes when delivering RSA face-to-face or RSA online


As an employee working on licensed premises and delivering RSA face-to-face or RSA online, avoid making the following mistakes.

Topping up drinks

Many people think they are being good hosts by ‘topping up’ a half empty glass. In doing so, they are inadvertently preventing the patron from keeping a check on the amount of alcohol they are consuming. Liquor servers should avoid topping up unfinished drinks.

Myths about RSA

  • Fresh air, exercise and cold showers will not sober up a person
  • Coffee will not sober a person up
  • Vomiting will not sober a person up

Mixing Drinks

Mixing drinks does not make you drunk faster. It is the alcohol content of the drink which affects people, not the type of drink. However, mixing drinks may make the patron feel sick rather than more unduly intoxicated.

The White Line

Have you noticed a white line on a wine glass? Many people mistakenly think this line indicates a standard drink. Check with your supervisor as this line is usually a “service line” which indicates the amount of wine offered for sale per glass and may vary from venue to venue.

Low Carbs vs Low alcohol

For the diet conscious, many breweries are now offering low carb products. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this indicates low alcohol.

Deliver RSA QLD in a professional manner and fulfill your obligations under the Liquor Act in your state or territory.


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