Commercialised gambling development in Queensland

Gambling has been known to be a social activity that has been a part of society for decades; however, as gambling has become more commercialised, additional reforms and restrictions have been put in place. As a staff member, it is your job and role to ensure that gambling activities are monitored, and responsible gambling is promoted at all times. If you work within a gaming area or deal with gambling materials within your workplace, it is compulsory for you to have a valid RSG, which provides you with the required information to promote responsible gaming.

The history of commercialised gambling within Queensland began when Europeans began settling within Australia. The initial lawmakers within Australia prohibited all forms of gambling; however, illegal gambling emerged due to its popularity.

As an alternative to prohibiting gambling, laws were introduced to regulate gambling, and to ensure that gambling was fair for all and the integrity of gambling was maintained. There are now numerous gambling products available for punters within licensed venues in Queensland, these include:

  • Traditional casino table games at four (4) casinos in Queensland

  • Pokie machines in clubs, hotels and casinos

  • Racing and sports betting (wagering) through UNiTAB and on-course betting

  • Lottery products

  • Keno

  • Bingo

Queensland gaming venues have to ensure that they are adhering to all laws and regulations imposed by gaming Government agencies. In addition, it is required that all staff who work within a gaming licensed premise to have a valid RSG.

If your staff has to complete their RSG, Club Training Australia offers an online RSG for $24. If you have any queries in regard to regulations and laws imposed on gaming venues, please contact us and we can assist you.