Commercial Cooking: Stewing

Interested in a career in commercial cookery?Do you want to learn all there is about food? Then a course with Club Training in commercial cookery is a great starting point. The course provides you with a wide range of information and hands-on experiences to learn all about cooking and the techniques involved.

Stewing is one of the key learning points. It is important that a chef is able to stew food and be able to wow customers. Stewing is the slow cooking of food cut into small pieces and cooked in a minimum amount of water, stock or sauce. Stewing is ideal for cheaper cuts of meat and/or poultry.

Stewing can create amazing flavours, textures and quality of food once cooked. Ideal foods to be stewed are:

  • Fish

  • Meat – goulash, minced beef, haricot mutton, Irish stew, brown stew of veal, blanquette of veal

  • Poultry

  • Vegetables

Once the food has been stewed, it should just fall off the bone and just fall apart, this is a sign that the meat has been cooked to perfection. To learn more about stewing, contact Club Training Australia and get started in a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery today.