Commercial cookery: making stock

Interested in a career in commercial cookery?A Certificate III in Commercial Cookery introduces you to the fundamentals of cooking such as making quality stock. Here are some tips:

Good quality characteristics

  • Liquid is clear, not cloudy

  • Flavoursome

  • Fat free

  • Appropriate colour and aroma

 Poor quality characteristics

  • Cloudy

  • Fatty

Whenever a stock is not up to standard, there are always reasons. Some of these are:

  • Salt was added

  • The stock was stirred during the simmering process

  • The stock was not skimmed during cooking

  • Boiled, not simmered

  • Cooked with the lid on

  • Used starchy vegetables, i.e. beetroot, potatoes, sweet potatoes or pumpkin

  • Bones were fatty or had excess blood on them

  • Bones were not washed before using

  • Bones or other ingredients were not fresh

Stock making ratios

  • Ten parts water

  • Five parts bones

  • One part vegetables

For example: 10 litres water, 5 kg bones and 1 kg vegetables.

Learn how to make quality stocks and sauces by undertaking a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery