Clubs Contest Fake Gaming Figures

Media Release – 20 September 2011 

Queensland clubs have called for better representation of the facts of Queensland’s gaming industry after continued reports that poker machine players can lose in excess of $1,200 per hour. 


Clubs Queensland CEO Doug Flockhart said that this figure is inaccurate in Queensland, with the maximum possible loss per hour being $450, under “extreme play” betting. 


“This $1,200 loss per hour figure is a constant misrepresentation of the real facts. Queenslanders’ spending should not be generalised into highly inaccurate figures,” Mr Flockhart said. 


Last week the Courier Mail reported that Queenslanders lost $4000 per minute in August, but Mr Flockhart said that community clubs are a very small percentage of this figure as the loss when averaged across all machines in Queensland community clubs for August was $8.04 per hour per machine.


“These inaccurate figures are being splashed around to mislead the public, but Queenslanders deserve to know the truth about where these figures come from and who they are relating to,” Mr Flockhart said.


Please see below Clubs Queensland’s official response to “Australian pokie players are losing in excess of $1,200 an hour.”

FACT: This is not possible in Queensland. Queensland’s maximum allowable bet is $5 and the average machine speed is 3.5 seconds. If you allow 4 seconds for each spin, (3,600 seconds in an hour), then a player has an absolute maximum of 900 spins per hour. If the player is betting the maximum $5 per bet at a     maximum of 900 spins per hour, allowing for 90% return to player (average in Queensland), the maximum potential loss per hour is $450. Note: This betting is “EXTREME PLAY” and is not applicable to the majority of people who gamble responsibly.


“Queenslander’s lost $4000 per minute on poker machines in August.”


FACT: Based on the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation published metered win for the month of August 2011, the average hourly loss across the total operational gaming machines in Queensland community clubs (23,393) was $8.04 per hour or 13.4 cents per minute.




Rachel Bilsborough

Clubs Queensland
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