Culinary Industry Insider Scholarship Success

Have you ever dreamed of gaining insider knowledge of the hospitality industry, having the opportunity to see how some of Australia’s top venues are operated and getting masterclasses with some of the industry’s finest? Club Training Australia is dedicated to providing students with opportunities and knowledge to further their career and improve employment prospects within the hospitality industry.

For the first year we have offered one enthusiastic student the CLUB TRAINING AUSTRALIA CULINARY INDUSTRY INSIDER SCHOLARSHIP. The scholarship will be offered to one aspiring student each year, providing them with a unique look into the hospitality industry, learning first hand from our industry’s finest and offering extensive ‘grass roots’ education.

Club Training Australia wanted to provide this unique scholarship to a student that is dedicated, passionate and to someone that is always hungry for more when it comes to the hospitality industry. CTA would like to introduce Samantha Fenech, the first honorary student to receive the Culinary Industry Insider Scholarship. Samantha is a dedicated chef apprentice that we have had the honour to watch grow throughout her Certificate III in Commercial Cookery at Keppel Bay Sailing Club.

Samantha said she was excited by the opportunity to learn from a range of talented chefs and her family could not be happier for her. “My pop was a trained chef and out of over 30 grandchildren, I am the only one to follow in his footsteps,” Samantha stated. Over the next year Samantha will be provided with a variety of opportunities with Club Training Australia as part of the scholarship that will take her all over Australia to learn about our industry and all it has to offer.

Samantha has since begun her scholarship journey with CTA General Manager, Aaron Bray, and chef trainer, Aletia Ramscar, flying her to Brisbane last week. The trip was the start of her scholarship, visiting a range of restaurants, gaining firsthand knowledge, meeting with top chefs and having the opportunity to have a one-on-one masterclass from Peter Pruul from Snapper Heads Restaurant.


  • Tour of the Stone and Wood Brewery
  • Visited The Farm in Byron Bay
  • One-on-one masterclass with top head chef Peter Pruul at Snapper Heads Restaurant
  • Special tour of the House with No Steps, Ballina
  • Visited and met with a range of venue managers to gain firsthand knowledge of how they operate and what makes them unique

We are dedicated to our students and assisting them to reach their full potential. Here at Club Training Australia, we are fortunate to be able to provide scholarship opportunities to students such as Samantha Fenech. We cannot wait to watch Samantha grow as an aspiring chef throughout the scholarship program and we want to be able to share the experience with you. Throughout the scholarship we will be providing updates via our website and social media, so please keep your eye out and get involved in any way possible, inspire those considering a chef apprenticeship.

With a significant skills shortage within the hospitality industry we want to be able to inspire other students like Samantha to join the industry and for them to know there are endless opportunities. We want them to know it is never too late to complete a qualification and that Club Training Australia will assist students in gaining a hospitality qualification and increase career prospects.