Club Super Leadership Institute Graduation Celebration Wrap

Club Super Leadership Institute Graduation Celebration

Following on from the annual Club Super Leadership Institute Alumni celebration at Parliament House on November 10, we honoured our 2017 graduates.

The CSLI 2017 graduation ceremony was celebrated by our 10 participants and their managers, alongside our sponsors, alumni and representatives from the Queensland Department of Education and Training, as well as the Collins Food Group and the 10 new leadership participants for 2018.

Special thanks must be given to our amazing sponsors, Club Super, Carlton & United Breweries, Coca-Cola Amatil, Next Payments, Club Training Australia, DWS Hospitality Specialists and the Australian Club Management Institute, who collectively, have made this amazing program a reality for 10 lucky participants each and every year.  Many of the sponsors have supported this program since its inception in 2002.

The 10 graduates for 2017 were:

  • Carly Collins, Human Resources Manager at RSL Club Southport
  • Jeremy Duncan, Customer Service Manager at Maroochy RSL
  • Nikki Edgar, Human Resources Manager at Souths Leagues Club Mackay
  • Renee Gorostiaga, Duty Manager at City Golf Club Toowoomba
  • Rosalind Graham, Marketing Manager at Nambour RSL
  • Darryn Haines, Gaming Manager at Townsville RSL
  • Nikki Mayfield, Administration and Marketing at Sherwood Services Club
  • Tracy Myrteza, Accounts Manager/Operations at Mareeba Leagues Club
  • Natalie O’Brien, Beverage Manager at Bribie Island RSL
  • Suzy Vercoe, Senior Duty Manager at Caboolture Sports Club

(From left to right, Brian Semmens from CUB, Mick McKeown from CUB, Nikki Mayfield, Jeremy Duncan, Tanja Prell from Club Super, Suzy Vercoe, Carly Collins, Tracy Myrteza, Natalie O’Brien, Jeff Simmonds from Coca-Cola Amatil, Rosalind Graham, Renee Gorostiaga, Darryn Haines, Nikki Edgar, Aaron Bray from CTA, Brenda Gormley from Club Super, and Alan Sher from Club Super)

Special awards were also presented to outstanding candidates and this year, the following three participants were awarded:

  • Tracy Myrteza, Accounts Manager/Operations at Mareeba Leagues Club awarded Outstanding Improvement sponsored by DWS Hospitality Specialists;
  • Suzy Vercoe, Senior Duty Manager at Caboolture Sports Club awarded Passion for the Industry sponsored by Club Training Australia; and
  • Rosalind Graham, Marketing Manager at Nambour RSL received The John Dickson Future Outstanding Leader award.

(It is interesting to note that both her General Manager and Operations Managers have been previous recipients of this prestigious award – Nambour RSL is breeding leaders for the future and we think it is outstanding!)

Rosalind Graham presented a wonderful speech on behalf of the 2017 graduates and while we cannot provide the full script, we have pulled out some of our favourite parts to share with you to give you a glimpse into the world of the CSLI participant:

“Collectively we had no idea of what lay ahead as we watched the 2016 CSLI year graduate and even after our first session with Club Training in Brisbane and at the Club Super head office I still don’t think we grasped the gravity of the year to come.

“Ironically, it took a flight North to break the ice, and a brilliant night hosted by Souths Mackay and Nikki Edgar. It was on this night that RSL Southport’s Carly Collins announced with the honesty we’ve all grown to know and love, a bombshell of epic proportions….. you see Carly had never, ever, had tequila shot. Well, let me tell you I have never seen the room erupt so quickly, it was like a finely tuned Medivac team in a war zone, a round of tequila appeared from no-where, salt shakers were poised at the ready, slices of lime were distributed into people’s hands like cards in a casino and there were at least 5 of us running Carly through a blow by blow training session on the art of slamming a tequila like we had PHDs on the topic.

“Sometimes, in unlikely moments, teams are born.

“We had overcome the ice breaker and now the hard work began. For the GMs in the room, especially those that graciously hosted our group on the various training sessions in different clubs, thank you for giving up your time and explaining the inner workings of your clubs. It was a privilege for us to be hosted by you and a great learning curve for many of us to see how different venues operate but also, in some cases, to hear that many of us are dealing with the same hurdles, the same concerns and the same challenges.

“To the sponsors in the room tonight – Club Super, Carlton & United Breweries, Coca Cola Amatil, Next Payments and the Australian Club Management Institute –  I really can’t overstate the importance of your contribution to this experience for us. A course like this, highly esteemed in the industry, and a virtual pre-selection of Clubland’s future Senior Management staff, General Managers and CEOs is something for your businesses and brands to be proud of being involved in. There is not one of the 10 of us who aren’t truly grateful and thankful for the experience and for your involvement and you have certainly created in us 10 advocates for life of your brands just by association with the program.”

Each year we look for 10 participants, the best of the best, and each year we get them. So long 2017 graduates and may the knowledge, experience, contacts and especially the friends, travel with you as you make your way in the industry for the future. We will miss you.

To our up and coming 2018 participants, hold on to your hats, it’s going to be a wild and fun ride full of great people, once in a lifetime opportunities and educational gems that will help you lead the industry in years to come.