Closing time

Bar closing proceduresAt the end of a hard night’s work: are your staff halfway out the door, or ensuring their work areas are tidy and free of surplus glassware, spills or excess rubbish?  To keep your staff organised, follow the best hospitality practices to ensure your venue runs smoothly.

When your venue hours are approaching closing time, staff should begin to consolidate their work areas, and tidy away surplus glassware and equipment.  This process must be performed gradually and discretely, to ensure that customers are not ignored.

Remember in cleaning down the bar at the close of service, you must focus on cleaning activities that leave the bar ready prepared for the following shift’s commencement.

Use this checklist as a guide for end of shift or bar closing procedures.

  1. Ensure that any consumables are of high quality, and return perishable items (such as fruit, cream or juice) covered or wrapped to the refrigerator.

  2. Throw out any left over ice, ensuring that buckets and sinks are cleaned with hot soapy water and rinsed with fresh water.

  3. Where necessary, complete a stock take and complete a stock requisition form, which should be forwarded to the supervisor.

  4. Clean any leftover dirty glasses, and ensure they are put through the glass washer – removed, checked and polished and stored in the correct storage areas.

  5. Collect bar towels, dirty cloths and swabs, and place these in a linen bag.

  6. Remove the detachable components of the post-mix heads, wash well and soak in a clean jug with freshwater.

  7. Wash all bar utensils thoroughly, dry and replace.

  8. Wipe down all bar tops, refrigerator doors, seals, cupboard handles and fronts of shelving.

  9. Ensure that the most appropriate staff member balances the till, separating the float from the takings.  The till contents should be handed in to the duty manager or supervisor.

10. If the supervisor or manager has disconnected the beer and gas from the beer lines, draw the beer through.

11. Ensure fronts are clean.

12. Turn off the power supply to glass washers, tills, blenders, and bar display lighting.

13. Fill mop and bucket with clean hot water and mild detergent, and wash the floor well, paying special attention to heavy traffic areas, removing excess washing fluids as you go.

14. Return mop and bucket to store room, ensuring that bucket and mop are rinsed through well.

15. Turn off remaining lights.

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