CLO Training is Now More Important Than Ever

Since the re-opening of venues in Mid 2020 there has been an increase in gambling across all sectors. Gambling, although a recreational activity that is conducted responsibly by most does have the ability to have negative immediate impacts as well as long-term impacts if problematic gambling occurs. Venue employees play a crucial role in prevention and harm minimisation as they are often the first point of contact for an individual that has identified they may be struggling with the relationship they have developed with gambling.

An important part of prevention and harm minimisation of the negative impacts that can occur to both the individual and people close to them is being able to identify signs and spot indicators that someone may be at risk of developing a harmful relationship with gambling or may already have a harmful relationship with gambling. CLO training also known as Customer Liaison Training is a great course to undertake not only for management, but for any employees working in all sectors of a venue.

A lot of people will ask why it is relevant for employees other than managers to undertake a CLO course since a lot of the information provided is legislative, however, from both an in-venue perspective and from working at an LMO, the more people working in your venue that have the confidence to identify issues of harmful gambling and bring it to the attention of management or relevant personnel are an asset to your business.

CLO training can be delivered as a face-to-face short course that provides individuals with the strategies to identify problematic situations and develop confidence to foster relationships and inform people of the best steps to take if they as an individual feel they may be developing a harmful relationship with gambling, a loved one may be showing signs, or if whilst they are at work as best practice, they are equipped with the techniques needed for responding to problem gamblers in venue.

Whilst undertaking a CLO course you will learn which forms are needed to implement the various methods of exclusion, how to approach the topic of problem gambling as well as talk to industry professionals and build connection to your local gambling help services.

When you complete a CLO course, you receive a statement of attainment that can be displayed in venue to allow patrons and visitors to feel that there are individuals on site who are community educated and are armed with the skills and knowledge that is needed to help provide someone who may be struggling with their relationship to gambling with the resources they need to seek further help.

There are many avenues available and sources of information to learn more about harm minimisation and identifying people at risk of becoming problem gamblers, or who are already showing signs that they may be already struggling with the effects of gambling. Prevention is the best method and having yourself and your employees armed with the knowledge and skills needed as well as having a relationship with your local gambling help services is a great start to joining the campaign for gambling harm minimisation in Queensland.

If you are looking to update, refresh or train your team you can opt for one of our face-to-face courses or private group bookings.  Simply contact our Operations Team on 07 3878 8977 or email [email protected].  

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