Cleaning Beverage Dispensers in The Bar

Certificate III in HospitalityAll hospitality establishments and bars have a range of beverage dispensers, and all must be cleaned and sanitised.

Beer Panels – beer panels are comprised of a beer tap or taps (fonts), drip trays and often an instantaneous cooler (Temprite) under the bar counter. To clean beer panels:

  • The beer taps and their stands must be wiped cleaned after the close of trading.
  • Drip trays must be emptied of waste beer, which in some establishments is measured and recorded, then washed and dried.

Electronic Spirit Dispensers – there are a variety of electronic spirit dispensers available, all of which serve pre-set measures of either 30ml or 15ml (half measures). Spirit dispensers require dusting and an occasional wipe over. If a build up of residue occurs in the bowl, it may be flushed using water only.

Post-mix Dispensers – there are two types of post-mix dispensers:

  • Post-mix guns – handheld units at the end of a hose. When not in use the gun is placed in a sleeve that is connected to a drain tube. The drain tube empties or drips into a container or directly into a waste drain. The nozzle on the gun and the sleeve should be washed daily to prevent bacteria growth. The waste container should also be emptied and washed daily. The drain tubes should be flushed out at least weekly.

  • Post-mix banks – these units are mounted on benches or counters and consist of the font, levers, nozzles and a drip tray. On a daily basis the unit should be wiped clean; the nozzles removed, washed and soaked in water; and the drip tray emptied and washed.

Other dispensers – Pre-mix cocktail dispensers, juice machines and bar snack dispensers need to be emptied at least twice a week and cleaned thoroughly.

A Certificate III in Hospitality will assist you how the beverage dispensers in the bar area are to be cleaned and sanitised correctly.