Cleaning and sanitising programs

Food Safety SupervisorPlanning for cleaning

When planning a cleaning and sanitising program, Food Safety Supervisors should remember the following points:

  • Start at the back and work towards the front

  • Start high and work your way down

  • Single-use paper towels are better than cloths; if you use cloths, they must be washed in hot

water and allowed to dry after every use

  • Use the right size brush or cleaning tool for each task

  • Use food-grade detergents and sanitisers, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions

  • Clean as you go

  • Keep cleaning chemicals away from food storage areas

  • Disassemble equipment, such as the meat slicer, before starting to clean it

  • A dishwasher will sanitise most small equipment, cutlery, plates and glasses; drip-dry equipment or use clean tea towels where this is not possible

  • Educate staff on correct cleaning and sanitising procedures

  • Provide regular checks on cleaning tasks being carried out and instruct staff where required

  • Make sure the containers for garbage and recycled matter are large enough for the amount of waste you produce, and are capable of being easily cleaned

  • Ensure that all equipment used for cleaning (e.g. mops, buckets, cloths, brooms, etc.) are also kept clean

Cleaning procedures and records

A cleaning procedure is a set of written instructions that describe everything that needs to be done to keep your business clean. It sets out the tasks of cleaning and sanitising, how often each job needs to be done, how it should be done, and who should do it.  A cleaning record is a way of documenting that the cleaning tasks have been done by the responsible personnel.

What does a cleaning procedure and record look like?

Begin at the back of your premises. Write down every piece of equipment that needs to be cleaned as you walk towards the front.  Then write down how you will clean that piece of equipment, how often you will clean it, what materials and chemicals will be used, and who will do the cleaning. These instructions will be noted on the cleaning procedure.

Food Safety Supervisors must ensure that anything that comes into contact with food must be cleaned and sanitised. Items which do not come into contact with food need only be cleaned.