Cleaning and maintaining kitchen premises

Do you understand the hygiene and cross-contamination issues for kitchens?As a new apprentice chef, one of the first things you will learning during your Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) is the importance of cleaning and maintaining kitchens, and food preparation and storage areas in commercial cookery or catering operations.

You need to be able to set up cleaning equipment and to safely clean premises and equipment using resources efficiently to reduce negative environmental impacts.

At the beginning of your apprenticeship you will learn:-

  • sanitising and disinfecting methods and procedures and the importance and purpose of each
  • hygiene and cross-contamination issues for kitchens
  • cleaning procedures for various surfaces and equipment, including wet and dry
  • correct cleaning chemicals, equipment and procedures for cleaning various surfaces and materials
  • enterprise procedures and standards in relation to presentation of premises
  • safe work practices relating to use of cleaning equipment, bending and manual handling
  • applications of different types of cleaning products
  • the essential features of and safe practices for using common hazardous substances used to clean commercial kitchens and in particular substances used by the organisation e.g. cleaning products and chemicals
  • the environmental impacts of cleaning commercial kitchens and equipment and minimal impact practices to reduce these especially those that relate to resource, water and energy use
  • correct and environmentally sound disposal methods for kitchen waste and in particular for hazardous substances.

Leading chefs understand the importance of serving fantastic meals that have been prepared in a clean and safe environment.