Clean Hospitality Venues: Keep Those Tables Clear

Certificate III in HospitalitySitting at a table or in a drinking area surrounded by used glassware, crockery, etc, rapidly becomes very uninviting. Rows of dirty glasses left standing on the bar are also very unappealing. These things might make the difference between whether a customer returns to your establishment or not.

It is very important from the point of view of workflow to keep up with the cleaning of used items. If they are left on tables, not only will it annoy the customers but it will actually make more cleaning at the end of the service period. During busy periods, it is even more important as glasses left on tables can mean that you run out of glassware for service.

The other aspect of neglecting to clear glassware, etc. is that items left on tables might be moved out of the way by customers. They could possibly be moved onto the floor where there is a much greater risk of breakage and accidents.

There are a number of methods that can be used when carrying glasses. Where possible it is good to use a tray. You may have seen in some establishments, staff members clearing glasses and stacking them one on top of the other so they can carry a number of glasses by hand. The problem with this practise is that glasses can stick inside each other, and this method increases the likelihood of breakage.

Regardless of the method used, you should only ever handle glasses at the base – both when serving and clearing. When clearing, do not put your fingers inside the lip of the glass. Your customer’s mouths can carry bacteria. If you handle glasses in this way, you run the risk of transferring bacteria from one customer’s glass to another or to yourself.

Never clear an unfinished drink or bottles unless the customer advises you they have finished. Always clear finished glasses when you replenish drink orders. If the area is unoccupied, remove unfinished drinks immediately.

Keeping a hospitality venue clean is common sense and a Certificate III in Hospitality will reinforce this concept.