Clean Hospitality Venues: Bathrooms, Gaming and DOSAs

Certificate III in HospitalityThis blog continues a series on keeping a hospitality venue clean, for students undertaking a hospitality traineeship.

Bathrooms should be cleaned on a regular basis. You should check that the toilets are clean and that toilet paper, hand towels and hand washing soaps are well-stocked. If any of these things are not done, notify the appropriate staff member and ensure that they are attended to. Health regulations dictate that all toilet and bathroom areas must be clean, hygienic and properly maintained.

It is a workplace health and safety requirement that exits and entrances be clearly marked and free from any obstruction. Corridors, walkways and reception areas should also be clean and free of obstructions that cause accidents.

Car parks areas should be clearly marked, well-lit, clean and routinely maintained.

DOSA’s should be checked on a regular basis. Ashtrays should be emptied or changed as required. The sight of overflowing ashtrays is not only unsightly but quite unhygienic. Gaming areas should be attended to as the other public areas, with machines wiped over when not being played.

A tidy clean seating area around the bar or in public areas encourages customers to remain and enjoy their chosen beverage in a relaxed and pleasant environment.

The following list provides a good check of whether we are maintaining the bar surroundings and public areas to a consistently high standard.

  • Tables are cleared of dirty glasses as quickly as possible

  • It is imperative to ensure that finished glasses are removed from tables that are still occupied as well as those that have been recently vacated

  • Ashtrays and debris are removed from DOSA’s

  • Table tops, benches, around gaming machines etc. need to be wiped down to remove glass and watermarks and any liquor stains; spillage attracts flies and ants and is great area for bacteria to breed

Obviously a large part of your work involves around customer interaction and customer service. When working behind the bar or on the floor you, will be constantly required to interact with customers. Regardless of the position you hold or the duties you carry out, you are always responsible for maintaining a high level of customer service and satisfaction. Even if you are mopping the floors, wiping down the bar, emptying the bins, or removing glasses from the tables – remember that you are performing these duties as part of the customer service chain.

Good customer service encompasses good product knowledge, knowing what your customer’s needs and expectations are, and doing everything possible to meet those needs and expectations.

All bar staff must have a working knowledge of the various laws that apply in the industry. It is the employee’s responsibility to adhere to these regulations.

Some regulations apply to equipment and property, others to staff and personal hygiene, and some to guests and their rights to smoke. You will need to familiarise yourself with relevant legislation and how it applies to your establishment. The key areas apply to:

  • Liquor Licensing Laws

  • Workplace Health and Safety Laws

  • Hygiene and the appropriate Food Acts

  • Smoking Laws

Keeping a venue clean may seem like a pretty simple concept but its importance cannot be over-emphasised. A whole unit: ‘Clean and tidy bar areas’ is devoted to this topic during a Certificate III in Hospitality.