Clean bar and equipment

Certificate III in HospitalityNo matter what type of bar you work in, first impressions are crucial. We need to ensure that the bar presents well to the customer. To achieve this, it is important to be aware of basic requirements, appropriate hygiene and the application of correct standards by all staff.

There are numerous types of bar operations:

  • Restaurant & cafĂ© bars

  • Hotel, motel and tavern bars

  • Cocktail bars

  • Dispense bars

  • Night club bars

  • Theatre bars

  • Wine bars

In most cases the bar is both a service and display area. The bar attendant and any associated drink service staff are also on display. Therefore bar areas and staff must be well presented. Presentation standards will depend on the establishment and its style of service or theme.

Good bar hygiene is a must for the safety of our customers, and to ensure that we can achieve the highest quality product for our patrons to enjoy. For any patron arriving at a venue and seeing a dirty work area with items of food and beverage lying around, they are going to judge it poorly. Excess waste and untidy areas indicate tardiness and a lack of professionalism.

Good hygiene means reducing the amount of visible soil and microscopic soil that is in and around the bar area, on surfaces, equipment and glassware.

Visible soil includes spillages such as beer, liqueurs and wines, juices, soft drinks, ice, garnishes, etc.

Microscopic soil includes all those things that cannot be seen by the naked eye; these microscopic organisms are often called bacteria. Bacteria comes in two distinct types – those which are good and essential for good health, and those that can cause illness – sometimes on a minor basis and others on a more serious basis. Failure to keep bar surfaces and equipment clean means there are plenty of food sources for bacteria to grow and breed and consequently may lead to the poisoning of our patrons.

You will learn more about the importance of presenting a clean bar area in your Certificate III in Hospitality.