Checking ID

Responsible Service of AlcoholThe goal for most venues is to provide a safe, hospitable and entertaining place for patrons to come and have a good time. Therefore, to ensure that the venue is fun and safe environment, there are safety precautions that are in place, one being checking of identification before entering the licensed premises. 

Checking of identification of all patrons, before entering the licensed venue, ensures that all people are of legal age and that the patron is who they say they are. When checking ID’s on a licensed premises, you should consider the following when asking for identification:

  • Those who look underage and do not have ID are generally underage.

  • Expired licence are not reliable and are not acceptable forms of ID (over 50% of licences seized are expired at the time of seizure).

  • Ask the customer to take their identification from the protective casing.

  • Consider the body language of each person – do they seem nervous or anxious?

  • If you make a decision to not allow someone within the premises, stick to it.

  • Support other staff and their decisions.

  • Ensure that all staff is consistent with their judgement.

So how do detect if ID is fake or fraudulent? There are some key rules to follow that will reduce the risk of fake ID’s:

  • Always check ID in well-lit areas.

  • Take your time – be sure.

  • Feel around the edges and front and back of the ID, checking for any inconsistencies and bubbles of the laminate.

  • Underage individuals are likely to use nail polish remover or scratch at the date of birth area, altering their date of birth.

  • Check that the photo matches the person, if you are unsure, ask for supporting ID.

  • Are all the security features where they are supposed to be? Example: hologram.

  • Ask the customer to sign a document to support the signature on their ID.

Checking ID prevents underage drinking at venues. It is illegal to have a person under the age of 18 consume alcohol within a licensed premise, and hefty fines are applicable if an underage patron is on the premises. If you need further information on checking ID’s or would want to ensure that you are looking for all the correct information, please visit our website and complete an online RSA or contact us.