Checking ID: What to Look for

Responsible service of AlcoholIf you haven’t personally seen a patron’s ID and you have suspicions the patron is underage, again check the ID for yourself, as RSA staff can still be held accountable for supplying liquor to a minor. Here are some tips on how to check ID:

  • Familiarise yourself with the built-in security features for each ID card such as the Queensland Coat of Arms in the laminate, or holograms for other states

  • Take the ID from the patron and run fingers over it

  • Feel for pin pricks, lifted laminate, thicker than usual laminate, glued on photographs, dog ears or split sides, and anything else unusual

  • Feel for ridges between the photo and the card

  • Check the patron’s eye colour and height, and see if it matches the ID

  • Check for obvious scratching, use of permanent markers, any smudges in print, or possible blurring of typed dates of birth

  • To assist in verifying the personal details, ask the person their star sign, month or year of birth

Additional supplementary ID can be requested to back up photo ID, and can include Medicare card, credit or charge card, or other identification with signatures.

Where a driver’s licence is presented and in the number appears the letter “D,” this indicates a duplicate licence, and in these circumstances the staff should request additional supplementary identification as outlined in the additional/supplementary ID listed above.

RSA staff needs to personally check ID of customers that look under 25.