Check New Worker’s Understanding of Induction Training

Do you have a suitable induction program at your venue?An online module is one component of an effective induction program. It is also important that the new worker has understood and can perform the tasks. You can check for understanding by:

  • Having workers demonstrate what they can do;
  • Observing workers on the job;    
  • Questioning workers about their understanding; and
  • Having workers explain what they are doing and what they have learnt

What New Workers Must Know

New workers must know:                

  • How to carry out their job in a safe and healthy manner;
  • The procedures for resolving health and safety issues in their organisation;
  • People with work health and safety responsibilities in the workplace;
  • How to report accidents, incidents and illnesses;
  • The emergency procedures, including evacuation and first aid facilities; and
  • How to identify hazards and reduce or eliminate the risks.

Club Training Australia can assist you develop a suitable induction program to ensure that the new worker has a suitable understanding of the material delivered in the training.