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From John Dickson’s desk | Out of adversity comes opportunity

Over the last seven weeks I’ve spoken to over 100 club and hotel managers in Queensland introducing our Brainwaves training opportunity which some of you will be aware of, during these catch ups, I’ve gained an insight into how many of our clubs are innovating in this time of challenge, exemplifying the saying that from […]

Frequently Asked Questions: Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA online QLD)

CTA Training Specialists

Having some difficulties finding out about mandatory Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training? Why not review the frequently asked questions about RSA online training courses. The Club Training Australia RSA online course is approved by the Queensland OLGR.

RSA online QLD Initiatives on Minors

CTA Training Specialists

Licensees and approved managers develop RSA online QLD initiatives for themselves and RSA Staff, to implement in their venue. Some suggestions for RSA online QLD initiatives for minors include: Minors will not be served Individuals found purchasing drinks for minors will be removed from the premises All patrons are required to provide acceptable proof of […]

Hospitality Online Short Courses Australia: What to Look for in A Training Provider

Hospitality online short courses

What type of training provider should I choose when looking for online short courses Australia?   Now that you’ve decided to take a certain path in your career, you will find that online short courses Australia have a lot to offer, but how do you make sure that you’re in good hands and are completing […]

Intoxication and RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol)

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RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) staff should understand that a person is in a state of intoxication if their speech, balance, or coordination is noticeably affected, and there are reasonable grounds for believing this is the result of the consumption of liquor. Once patrons have consumed alcohol to a level where they are showing signs […]

What are the benefits of Responsible Service of Alcohol QLD?

Responsible Service of Alcohol QLD

Everyone benefits when alcohol is served responsibly. If staff understand the product they are selling or hold a Responsible Service of Alcohol QLD certificate, then they understand the responsibilities that come with it. Servers will have a more pleasant work environment without rowdy, intoxicated customers. Excessive drinking makes life more difficult for people working in […]

CTA Top Tips for Your First Hospitality Job

Hospitality first job

So you’ve aced your interview, breezed through your trial and have your first shift on the way. Congratulations, and welcome to the hospitality industry! Whether you’ll be pouring your first beer behind the bar, manning the coffee machine or working the restaurant floor, here are Club Training’s top tips to get your first hospitality job. […]

Hospitality Staff Training Doesn’t Stop at RSA

Hospitality Staff Training doesnt stop at RSA

RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) training applies to most staff involved in the sale or supply of liquor. But is this enough? Responsible managers in licensed venues understand that staff training doesn’t stop at RSA and is essential to ensure that all staff members are delivering service in a consistent manner. This enables the licensee […]

A Bartender’s Guide to What is RSA Certificate


One of the most frequently asked questions we get regarding RSA training is ‘What is RSA Certificate?’. Find out what RSA certificate you need to work in a bar serving alcohol around Australia. We clarify everything for you in simple terms.   Firstly, let’s answer this question – What is RSA Certificate? If you want […]

How to provide Responsible Service of Alcohol QLD


Working behind a bar and providing alcohol service to the public is a fun, exciting job in hospitality, however it does have risks attached to it. Learning how to provide responsible service of alcohol QLD is critical to your success as a bartender and also the venue you are working for. More and more people […]