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Employer of Choice – What it means for your venue

Gaining recognition as an Employer of Choice can really boost your venue’s reputation within the industry as well as the community.  However, achieving the steps and processes required to do this can become a difficult, costly and lengthy process, with visible gaps if not carried out in a multi-pronged approach.

What does having an enthusiastic young trainee mean to your business?

There are two obvious benefits to your venue that you have probably heard us mention in the past, namely Community benefit, hiring a young person from your local school will be recognised in the community.  Your venue will be seen to be giving a young local a go. Cost benefit,  starting with a low risk […]

Training tomorrow’s hospitality professionals

Club Training Australia is committed to its School Based Training Program, ensuring we have current relevant resources for all students, as well as a great team who showcase enthusiasm and professionalism in their jobs and the success of their students. Our School Based Program has tripled in size over the past few years with a […]

School based trainees bring a wealth of benefits to venues

The benefits for your venue are endless when you hire young motivated staff in school based traineeships including, Make a positive contribution to the local community by supporting young people, Attractive financial government grants and incentives, Attract and recruit new staff, Produce a cost-positive training and employment budget, Qualified and experienced trainers, High completion rate, […]

Imagine a bunch of young, enthusiastic people with a burning desire to train in your venue.

Would you consider hiring them? When we think of young people in the hospitality industry, the first thing that comes to mind is a bored kid standing around waiting for their shift to be over. However, some clever managers are working hard to buck the trend and are building a positive training culture within their […]

CTA, Creating a point of difference

The Group Management Diplomas that we are currently running have been great for the whole team and have given us all the opportunity to learn more about each other, whilst gaining valuable training and experience. It has strengthened the team and created additional motivation and boosted personal confidence and performance – Justin Hall General Manager […]