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Requirements for Food Safety Supervisor QLD

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Food Safety Supervisor QLD | To qualify as a food safety supervisor in the state of Queensland, one must complete training to attain a Statement of Attainment issued by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Completing the training means a person can successfully and satisfactorily demonstrate the skills and knowledge requirements of a food safety supervisor. […]

Food Safety Supervisor | Quick and Easy Food Preparation Tips

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Food – it’s a necessity as much as it’s also a luxury. Many of us take food for granted, not realising that an average 7.3 million tonnes of food goes to waste in Australia every year. A lot of food is thrown away because of spoilage, wastage, or many other reasons related to the production […]

Food Safety Supervisor QLD: The Course Outline

Food Safety Supervisor

Getting into the food industry includes specific requirements in Australia, particularly in Queensland. One requirement is the hiring or appointment of a Food Safety Supervisor QLD, a Nationally Recognised Training Course that is offered nationwide via CTA’s online training portal. The Food Safety Supervisor role covers the responsibilities of a food business with regards to […]

The Responsibilities of a Food Safety Supervisor QLD

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Food safety is an important part of the food industry, especially with regard to the safety and protection of consumers and staff alike. The food industry in Queensland, in particular, is required to follow the regulations established by the Food Act 2006. In line with these regulations, all food businesses in the Queensland state are […]

Roles of a Food Safety Supervisor QLD in the Food Industry

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The food industry offers a lot of opportunity for career advancement, given the right mindset and with the appropriate training, an employee can rise to a managerial or proprietary position by investing in, and upskilling, their hospitality career. One step towards this goal is taking on the Food Safety Supervisor QLD (FSS) qualification through the […]

Food Safety Supervisor QLD | The Key Roles of an FSS

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What is the Food Safety Supervisor QLD? It is a role for which all food businesses in Queensland are required to hire or assign personnel. The Food Safety Supervisor role may be appointed, in which the designated employee will be obliged to undertake the necessary training course for certification. The FSS role can also be […]

Keep Hands Clean, Keep The Body Healthy | Food Safety Certificate NSW

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Getting sick isn’t fun. Along with the various complications, being sick limits a person’s ability to do things they’d rather be doing, instead of recuperating at home or in a hospital. It’s a particularly unpleasant experience when the sickness is contracted through tainted food or drink. Suffering from a bad stomach is terrible enough on […]

Online Short Courses Australia: The Benefits of Online Courses

Online Short Courses Australia

New avenues for learning online have opened up due to faster internet connections and video-conferencing advancements. There is a growing demand for alternative learning options, which have brought on the rise of enrolment in online classes. To that end, online short courses Australia offers alternatives for learners by moving from the physical classroom delivery to […]

The Importance of Food Hygiene: Common Food Poisoning Sources

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Food safety is an everyday concern that, while seemingly pedestrian, is nonetheless a critical aspect of food preparation. Food safety prevents common concerns with food handling and consumption, such as cross-contamination, food poisoning, and food handling-related injuries. Because of the importance of food safety, the Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) training and certification became a requirement […]

Food safety certificate vs food handler certificate – what is the difference?

Food Safety

Food is critical since it gives us the energy we need throughout the day. This makes the role of food handlers as equally important, as they are responsible for handling the food items. Having a food safety certificate enables a food keeper to do so officially. But food handlers do not bear the responsibility alone as […]