Casual Conversion – Now is a Great Time to Take Advantage of the Extended BAC Funding

Did you know that as of 27 September 2021, employers need to assess whether their existing casuals are eligible to be offered permanent employment? Recent amendments to the Fair Work Act 2009 (FW Act) have changed the workplace entitlements and obligations for casual employees.

The National Employment Standards now include an entitlement for casual employees to become full-time or part-time (permanent) in some circumstances. This is also known as ‘casual conversion’.

Casual employees can become permanent by their employer offering casual conversion or by making a request to their employer for casual conversion. There are eligibility requirements and exceptions that apply and processes that need to be followed.

These changes make the extended BAC funding an attractive opportunity for any business looking to convert their casual employees to permanent, and with the funding extended through until 31 March 2022, initially limited to 100,000 places but now uncapped, and funding is available to help you and your team make the transition cost-effectively.

Can existing workers attract the BAC subsidy?

  • An existing worker is eligible to attract the BAC subsidy if one of the following factors apply:
  • They commence a trade based Australian Apprenticeship/Traineeship
  • Transfer from casual employment to a part-time or full-time Australian Apprenticeship/Traineeship
  • Transfer from part-time employment to a full-time Australian Apprenticeship/Traineeship

To engage an apprentice or trainee, a Commonwealth Government Training Contract must be in place. It may sound complicated but don’t worry – that’s where we come in!

We’re here to help you find the right fit for your team, sign up your apprentice or trainee, register their Training Contract with the relevant State Training Authority, and provide ongoing support every step of the way delivering a seamless process for you and your team.

Australian Apprenticeships are competency-based, which means completion can occur at any stage as long as all parties agree that the required skills (competencies) have been achieved. When the time comes to complete the apprenticeship or traineeship, we can assist with this process too.

As we move towards the close of 2021 and the new beginning of 2022, we are looking at welcoming more trainees and apprentices on board and are excited to play a role in building bright futures.

If you and your venue or business are interested in welcoming your casual conversions on as trainees or apprentices and are wanting to find out more about these incentives and their corresponding eligibility criteria, get in touch with Jason McIlroy on 0448 222 123 or Aaron Bray 0447 464 333 today.