A career as a chef is well worth the effort


We had the absolute pleasure of catching up with Tyson Murr, who recently completed his apprenticeship through Club Training Australia! You might remember Tyson and his sister Amy from their sensational win on My Kitchen Rules earlier this year!

Straight out of the show, Tyson signed on for his apprenticeship with Star Hotels, Hotel West End, through Club Training Australia and he hasn’t looked back! Tyson spoke of the great camaraderie in the kitchen, the lessons he has learned (like you can never do enough preparation in the kitchen), and his joy at finishing his apprenticeship.

The pressures of working in the kitchen on MKR was a totally different type of pressure to that of working in a fully functioning kitchen, he said.

“We deliver meals for over 160 covers during a 1.5 hour period every Friday at Hotel West End, that’s almost 2 dishes heading out of our kitchen every minute during the lunch rush!”


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 Unlike many positions and industries, becoming a commercial cook can open up an entire world of career opportunities. And, while you aren’t going to walk straight into that executive chef role on day one, the career pathway for people who are dedicated to the profession is clear.

From humble beginnings of being a prep cook, you can move up to being a station chef – responsible for particular areas of the operation. From there, you can work your way up to becoming a sous chef and with some time and training you can then look to that coveted executive chef position. Of course, the more experience and better your attitude, the more likely you are to get a look in at the senior positions.

And we haven’t even mentioned the travel benefits yet! The world of food is vast and having an internationally recognised cookery qualification through VET education, provides you with an all access pass to travel anywhere in the world and continue your cooking journey!

With career progression and advancement opportunities, travel benefits, improving pay rates and flexible working conditions, a career as a chef is well worth the effort!

If you are thinking of a career as a chef, our Certificate III in Commercial Cookery can set you on the right path to achieving your goals. Get in touch with (name) today on (number) to find out all the details and take the first step towards mastering commercial cookery for your future.