Can alcohol kill?

Responsible Service of AlcoholCan alcohol affect your health? Can alcohol kill? The simple answer is yes.  Alcohol is one of the leading causes of death within Australia, and it is preventable. If you drink in excess, alcohol really can have an impact on not only you, but the people that are closest to you – so before you drink next – think.

Drinking in excess can have a serious impact on your health, no matter your age. However, you don’t have to drink in excess to develop health issues.

Every year around 3,000 people die and over 65,000 people are hospitalised due to alcohol-related injuries or health issues. Alcohol depresses the respiratory system, which is why death by alcohol usually results from respiratory failure. Some people, due to their intoxication levels, vomit and therefore drown as they cannot clear their airways in time.

There are also long-term side effects associated with alcohol abuse; this is as when you consume large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis, health issues will eventually surface. The side effects include: brain damage, liver damage, stomach ulcers, cancers, stroke, high blood pressure, infertility, loss of sexual function and, in addition, there is a wide range of social and work issues.           

Just remember that one drink can kill. By consuming alcohol in excess, you are not only affecting yourself but also the people you love the most in this world. This is as they may lose the one they love the most, just because they drank one too many. Think before you drink.