Business Phone Calls: Providing Information

Certificate II in HospitalityStudying a school-based traineeship in hospitality will give you the skills in making professional business phone calls.

When providing information to a caller, relay it clearly and at reasonable pace. Allow the caller time to understand or write down the information. If necessary, ask questions that will enable you to make a judgement of whether they have fully understood the information.

When you do not have all the information the caller wants, make all reasonable attempts to find them. If you must leave the phone, explain why and give the caller the choice to of waiting or to be called back. And if you are to phone the caller back with the information, ensure that you do so.

Always make the caller believe that you welcome their call and are happy to provide information and assistance. If you offer friendly assistance and show interest in what people are saying, they will generally respond positively to you and your organisation.

Being able to make professional business phone calls is an essential skill which you will learn while undertaking a school-based traineeship in hospitality.