Buffets and Food Displays

Interested in a career in commercial cookery?Many establishments offer buffet style dining or ‘all you can eat’ type themes; either way, the presentation and display of these food areas is of paramount importance to the ongoing success and appeal of a food service establishment.

A Certificate III in Commercial Cookery will assist you attend to the areas which require special attention. These include:

  • Ensuring walkway areas, in front of buffet tables and around food bars, are clear from dropped food items and debris

  • Ensuring there are sufficient serving utensils for the customers to help themselves to food

  • That food supplies are maintained at suitable levels

  • Supplies of plates and bowls are monitored and replaced as required

  • Slow-moving food items are regularly turned over to maintain the appeal of the dishes, and to minimise the number of dishes drying out unnecessarily

On completion of service, the whole food area needs to be closed down, with all foods removed and stored appropriately.

Bain-maires, whether dry or wet, need to be drained and thoroughly cleaned, and allowed to dry over night or between service sessions.

All decorations and support items for the display need to be checked for cleanliness; and crockery, cutlery and serviettes replenished.

Studying Certificate III in Commercial Cookery will introduce you to all types of food displays including buffets.