Binge Drinking

Responsible Service of AlcoholBinge drinking is most commonly associated with young teenage girls, who don’t know their limits and continue to consume alcohol when they should stop. However, binge drinking is not only common with young teenagers, but evidence shows that there is a high level of binge drinking within the Australian population – no matter your age. We just don’t know when to stop.

There are two types of binge drinking. The first is when you have six or more drinks in a row within a short period of time. And, the second type: drinking a lot over several days or weeks, which is more harmful to the body and is often repeated behaviour.

Binge drinking can have serious negative impacts that can lead to death, permanent brain damage, alcohol poisoning, violence, sexual assault, road accidents, and other accidents such as drowning. When you binge drink, you are putting yourself and others around you in danger, this is as you are no longer in control of your actions.

When you consume alcohol, keep track of how much you have consumed and ensure that you do not drink in excess and lose control, as binge drinking can have serious long- and short-term implications. Alcohol is a drug that affects every organ in our body and, therefore, needs to be consumed responsibly. If you have any queries in regard to binge drinking, contact Club Training Australia or consider completing an online RSA to learn more.