Best Privacy Practice When Using ID Scanners

Responsible Management of Licensed VenuesTo help staff authenticate IDs, it’s increasingly common to see ID scanners being utilised in licensed venues.  However, there has been some conjecture that these devices do not respect the patron’s privacy. If ID scanners are used inappropriately, you may end up violating the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988.  So what can you do to ensure that your security staff will use these devices responsibly?

Here is a guide to help you learn the basic rules of best practice when using ID scanners:

  • Only use ID scanners to collect information that is necessary for the event or function.

  • Where possible, avoid collecting identifiers issued by Australian Government agencies, such as passport or Medicare numbers.

  • Do not share any of the patron’s information with third parties, except legal authorities.

  • Secure collected information in high security systems with limited or private access.  Ensure the information is destroyed when no longer needed.

  • Do not transfer personal information outside of Australia.

  • If you believe that the security of your data collection has been compromised, contact the Office of the Information Commissioner to seek advice.

Some effective tactics you can use to help minimise confrontation with patrons include:

  • Informing the patron why their data is being collected

  • Which parties their information will be disclosed to

  • How long you intend to keep their information for, how it’s stored, or how it can be amended or accessed

  • Your business’s retention and destruction policy

  • The consequences of information not being provided by the patron (such as refusal of service).

RMLV certification is required for all approved managers in Queensland.  Make sure your certificate is renewed every three (3) years.  Club Training Australia offers comprehensive training that can be accessed in an area near you.