Benefits of Workplace Health and Safety Training

Certificate IV in Occupational Health and SafetyWhy should you train your staff in workplace health and safety (WHS)? Isn’t it just an additional cost? Training your staff in workplace health has numerous benefits for both the organisation and the individual.

Workplace Health and Safety training can have beneficial impact on any business, no matter how large or small:

  1. Best practice – this stresses the importance to staff of the best work methods and procedures, whilst communicating to all staff of the commitment the business has in regard to high performance standards.

  2. Compliance – the training will educate staff in industrial and enterprise agreements. This therefore ensures that they are compliant with all awards and agreements.

  3. Increase productivity – training increases quality of work produced. It also increases the efficiency in which the task is completed. This is as less time is spent on resolving mistakes, and all time and effort can be placed on the job at hand.

  4. Reduction of costs – this is as less work-related injuries or accidents will occur impacting on the overall costs associated with cost of injury, illness, death, damage to equipment, higher insurance premiums, staff turnover, and also delayed deliveries of products and service.

  5. Risk management – training contributes to the process of identifying, understanding and eliminating risks within the workplace.

WHS training also has an impact on individuals within the workplace.

  1. Responsibility – individuals within the organisation understand that they have a responsibility for others within the business and, therefore, they aim to achieve a safe and healthy workplace.

  2. Role clarified – training allows workforce to clearly identify their role and what their responsibility is in relation to their job, and carrying out specific responsibilities under the organisation’s health and safety policy

Overall, WHS training for all levels of a business, no matter its size, increases productivity, decreases risks, and overall illustrates to staff what their responsibility is within the business, providing them with a purpose and goal. Without workplace health and safety – training success is not achievable.