Beer Service to customers

Beer pouring hospitality tipsYou may enjoy the occasional glass of a beer, but how well are you acquainted with the finer points of beer service and how to tell the quality of your selection of beer?  Hospitality training is a great way to encourage staff to provide service that your customers will remember.  In the meantime, here are some signs of a good quality beer:

  • Look for a lasting, creamy head (the small frothy bubbles that rest on top of the beer)

  • When held up to light, the beer should sparkle from a generous amount of small bubbles moving inside the glass.

  • The contents should be clear and bright, not dull or cloudy

  • As the beer is consumed, a lacy pattern should be left on the glass

When serving beer, it should always be dispensed into a chilled glass to ensure that the beer is tasted at its best.

Glasses should be picked up from its base, taken to the tap and held at an angle before you dispense the beer.  This prevents the beer from gaining too much foam (head) instead of fluid.  Also ensure that the tap is fully on, otherwise, too much gas will flow through compared to liquid.

As you pour the beer, gradually straighten the glass as it fills.  This will leave you with the right amount of head on top of the beer.